Construction and custom home building is a stressful process. It feels like there are so many unknowns and that the trajectory is far from the vision. Intent on minimising the stresses present, Baker Built is heavily invested in the client first approach. Our communication is frequent, and our assurance on the outcome is guaranteed.


Renovating is an exciting concept. Turning something old and dreary into something new and meaningful is achievable; now more than ever. Baker Built has an impressive track record with turning hopes and dreams into tangible realities irrespective of the challenges, uncertainties and unknowns that are typically encountered.


Building and construction is a difficult path to navigate and there are challenges that aren't always apparent. If it's building and construction related, Baker Built have the knowledge and experience to guide you to the outcome you've identified. Our network of service providers and tradespeople are trustworthy constituents to our brand and together we construct your concept.